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scaffold void platform brisbane scaffold void platform scaffolding void platform
Our void platforms are the strongest and most user friendly on the market. They have been specifically designed to cater for all trades. They have a point load capacity of 450kg. That is double the capacity of our competitors! Ladder access is included in all our voids unlike most.    Plaster board can be fitted with ease.
scaffold void platform
scaffold void platform brisbane pool scaffold platform
We have specifically designed of our void system to be raised 400mm above floor level. This enables the user to install the stairs safely without having to remove any platforms. The raised height of 400mm also gives the user extra height to reach the ceiling for electrical or plastering works. Our specially engineered designed ladder beam bracket can span up to 6m in length - this creates a totally clear area below. Stairs and handrails fitted with ease. void platforms


 pool scaffold platform pool scaffolding platform  

Our pool covers are designed for any size and shape. The point load of out pool covers is 450kg. They can also act as working surface for mobile scaffolds.

 We can increase the load rating so that our scaffold can be built on top of the pool cover.

Handrails can be fitted with ease.
Our voids can span up to 6.0m without any propping.
The void can be fitted without any bolting or any fixing to the pool.
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